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How does it work 666 hackers?

666 hackers is a professional social network that brings together permanent members, companies, freelancers and fans of the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity. The main objective of the network, although not the only one, is to become the meeting point for all professionals in the area of ​​ethical hacking.

Is it free? How can I register?

The registration on the platform is currently free, from here you can create your profile and start interacting with other members. Approval of your account is subjected to administrators criteria.

What are the advantages of being a member of 666 hackers?

As a member you will have access to all the contents of the network, as well as the possibility of making posts and establishing relationships with other members. You can also participate in the activities of 666 hackers, such as hackathons.

What are the Community Points for?

When performing certain actions on the platform, such as making a post, you will earn points. Discover for yourself how to win them.


These points will serve you to access new services and products, and who knows maybe one day you can pay a Tesla with your accumulated points. Also, the more points you have, the more social relevance you will have on the platform.

How do I participate in a hackathon?

To participate in a certain hackathon you must join the group designated for that purpose. Members who are not members of the hackathon group will not be considered participants in the group. Participation is free.

Can I earn Community Points in a hackathon?

Yes, in fact they are the first source of Community Points. Each hackathon or proof of it will have associated points that will be charged to your account, if you manage to pass the test.